Is it Time to Buy a New Luxury Home?


Many people desire a new home, but how do you know when the time is right? Maybe you have recently gone through a change in life that has you thinking it’s time to find a new home. If you are considering buying a new luxury home, but are still unsure, here are a few great reasons to spread your wings and find the home of your dreams.

Sometimes the reason to find a new luxury home is that you have simply outgrown your current space. Maybe the size of your family has grown or you have a new boat or cars you need more room for. Perhaps you need a larger garage or a boat slip so you can easily store your things. Whatever the addition, sometimes in life it’s just time to upgrade and give yourself some more space.

On the other side of that coin, you may have recently downsized. If your children have gone off to college or moved away, you may feel the desire to find a more suitable home. If you find that you need less room, but want to be closer to the beach, we have some stunning homes in fantastic locations along the Florida coast. Maybe it’s time to sell the house in the suburbs and buy that beautiful home on the water you have always wanted.

Any big life event can be a great reason to move, but nothing marks the start of a new phase more than a recent retirement. Once you have retired, you have much more time for activities and hobbies. Maybe you want to move closer to the water so you can easily spend the day fishing or maybe you need to be closer to your favorite golf course. These are great reasons to move into a new luxury home. After all, you’ve earned it!

Another popular reason that motivates people to find a new luxury home is a recent change in their relationship status. When you meet someone special, it’s natural to want to spend a lot of time together. If you have found the love of your life, then the next logical step is to find the perfect place to spend it!

You can also keep up with the newest technologies when you decide to buy a new luxury home. Newer homes are equipped with the best “smart home” features, so you can enjoy living with all of the amenities available that have become recently available to homeowners, including applications that allow you to control your home’s temperature, appliances, and security directly from your smartphone.

By far the most popular reason people search for a new home (and who can argue?) is they are ready to get out of the cold weather and enjoy the wonderful climate of Florida. If you have spent winter after winter saying, “this is the last time I am shoveling snow” then we encourage you to contact us. We have a wonderful selection of luxury homes in Florida located in highly desirable areas along the coast from Destin to Longboat Key.